Alpine Magnum

Speed, portability, and power.


The Alpine Magnum was designed to be a versatile, multipurpose stump grinder and trench digger. It utilizes a 4800 rpm cutting head and carbide-tipped teeth to cut into stumps faster than other stump grinders costing up to 3 times the Magnum's price.



Grind a 12" stump in under 8 minutes, 24 inches in less than 20.  That's as fast as any similar-sized grinder, twice as fast as many.



Stihl, Husqvarna or Solo powerheads, torque doubled, driving a cutting head with 6 sharp carbide-tipped teeth at an incredible 4800 rpm cut rapidly through the largest stumps.  See Specifications page.



Slim profile and tiny footprint allow precise access in sensitive environments and confined spaces:- between slabs within a patio, next to fences, even inside planter boxes. Depth to 20”. Precise cutting permits the "chasing out" of surface roots across a lawn with the minimum of disruption and mess.


Operator Friendly

The Magnum is designed to be operator friendly utilizing a balanced cutter head minimizing vibration.  The machine is balanced to allow operator comfort while operating in many different applications.


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Awkward Access is only half the story, sensitive environments can also be tackled. Whether it's fine turf, a showpiece flowerbed, or even a cemetery the customer won't want the destruction resulting from simply getting a grinder to the stump. The Alpine Magnum will grind out the stump with no other evidence that it has ever been there.

Awkward Access


If you can get to it -  - So can the Alpine Magnum!


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