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Grind a 12" stump in under 8 minutes, 24 inches in less than 20. That's as fast as any similar-sized grinder, twice as fast as many.

We use the most efficient method to drive the cutting head, all of the energy is transferred via a drive belt to the precisely machined cutting head. This design delivers a Cutting head speed of up to 4800RPM.


Stihl, Husqvarna or Solo powerheads, torque doubled, driving a cutting head with 6 sharp carbide-tipped teeth at an incredible 4800 rpm cut rapidly through the largest stumps.  See Specifications page.

The machine is supplied with a choice of a Stihl MS880 or Husqvarna 3120XP motor. These engines punch out an amazing 9HP.


Slim profile and tiny footprint allow precise access in sensitive environments and confined spaces:- between slabs within a patio, next to fences, even inside planter boxes. Depth to 20”. Precise cutting permits the "chasing out" of surface roots across a lawn with the minimum of disruption and mess.

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